Products & Services

Humerdaroo is your reliable partner and advisor for developing biosimilar production.

We provide highly individualized service – production scale adapted to your needs.

Speed, high yield and quality, stability and safety are the main features in our development services.

1. Genetic codon optimization and custom gene synthesis.

2. Gene cloning and heterologous gene expression: Constitutive and Inducible

3. Production of stable cell lines with high titer and batch to batch consistency

3-1) prokaryotic (E. coli)

3-2) mammalian cells (HEK293, CHO, SP2/0)

4. Manufacturing process development:

4-1) Upstream development: expression screening, media screening and feed optimization, high level expression, shake flask and bioreactor optimization  

4-2) Downstream development:  protein purification optimization, viral removal, formulation services.

5. Scale up